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GLT Acetic Acid Concentrate Powders - Made in Turkiye

Chronic metabolic acidosis is common in dialysis patients. Bicarbonate administration via the dialysate helps maintain the acid-base balance in these patients.

In bicarbonate dialysis, proportioning pumps in the dialysis machine mix purified water with separate “acid” and bicarbonate concentrates. The “acid” concentrate contains electrolytes, glucose, and 2–8 mEq/L of acetate (which is metabolized into bicarbonate in the liver) to prevent calcium precipitation.

One of the functions of the human kidney is to regenerate bicarbonate. Haemodialysis (HD) replaces this function by including the supraphysiological concentration of base in the dialysis fluid. In the early days the natural buffer, bicarbonate, was the obvious choice but there were technical problems with its preparation and delivery. In the mid-60s the introduction of acetate, which is metabolized to bicarbonate, solved many of these problems.

The disadvantage of acetate became apparent a decade later when the improvement in the efficiency of HD revealed the potential for overwhelming the capacity of some patients to metabolize acetate.

Dialysis Concentrate

GLT (DRY CITRATE HAEMODIALYSIS CONCENTRATE) is a unique and novel citrate containing hemodialysis concentrate in dry powder form. Citrate is a known anti-coagulant and anti-oxidant.

With dextrose

Without dextrose







Packing size:

Liquid concentrate is prepared by dissolving DRYCONC® Part-A and Part-B in a specified quantity of purified water.




10Liters (2.3 to 2.8Kg)

10Liters (1.90 to 2.40Kg)

10Liters (2.90 to 3.40Kg)

50Liters (11.5 to 14.0Kg)

50Liters (9.5 to 12.0Kg)

50Liters (14.5Kg to 17.0Kg)

94.54Liters [25 US Gallon] (21.74 to 26.5Kg)

94.54Liters [25 US Gallon] (17.9 to 22.70Kg)

94.54Liters [25 US Gallon] (27.4 to 32.2Kg)

100Liters (23.0Kg to 28.0Kg)

100Liters (19.0 to 24.0Kg)

100Liters (29.0 to 34.0Kg)


  • Useful for Heparin free Heamodialysis
  • 50% less Heparin consumption
  • Improved Kt/V ratio
  • Cost effective due to compact packaging and resultant reduction in transportation cost
  • Easier electrolyte individualization
  • Improved tolerance to treatment due to less risk of inflammation

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