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GLTCart Cartridge Bicarbonate Features

GLTCart Cartridge, containing sodium bicarbonate, is designed for use in hemodialysis treatment.

This powdered form offers a convenient alternative to the standard 8.4% liquid sodium bicarbonate
At GLTCart Cartridge Bicarbonate, we are committed to delivering high-quality care in hemodialysis centers.

Our advanced bicarbonate solution is designed to meet the highest standards of safety, efficacy, and reliability,
ensuring that patients receive the best possible treatment outcomes.

Stringent Quality Control: GLTCart Cartridge Bicarbonate undergoes rigorous testing and quality control
measures to ensure its safety and efficacy. Every batch is carefully analyzed and verified to meet the highest
standards, providing healthcare professionals with confidence in the product's quality.

Reliable Performance: GLTCart Cartridge Bicarbonate is known for its reliable performance in hemodialysis
centers. Healthcare professionals can trust in the consistent and accurate delivery of bicarbonate solution,
allowing them to provide precise and effective treatment to their patients.

Patient Safety: The safety of patients is our top priority. GLTCart Cartridge Bicarbonate is manufactured in
compliance with strict regulations and guidelines to ensure its safety during hemodialysis therapy. Healthcare
professionals can rely on GLTCart Cartridge Bicarbonate to provide a safe treatment environment for their

GLTCart Cartridge Features

Product Code

Ingredients of Products

GLTCart Cartridges
Per Box

GLTCart Cartridge
Per Pallet

GLTCart 550 g

550 g NaHCO3

10 pcs

720 pcs

GLTCart 650 g

650 g NaHCO3

10 pcs

720 pcs

GLTCart 720 g

720 g NaHCO3

10 pcs

720 pcs

GLTCart 760 g

760 g NaHCO3

10 pcs

720 pcs

GLTCart 850 g

850 g NaHCO3

10 pcs

720 pcs

GLTCart 900 g

900 g NaHCO3

10 pcs

720 pcs

GLTCart Cartridge:Brochure

Compatibility: GLTCart is compatible with Bbraun, Nikisso, Gambro, Nipro brands dialysis machines.

Extended Shelf Life: With a shelf life of 36 months,
Country of Origin: Türkiye

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