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Short Introduction to Dialysis


Dialysis is the process of bringing the patient's blood and suitable dialysis solution together through a semi-permeable membrane, removing unwanted substances from the target solution or adding deficient substances to that solution in order to normalize fluid and electrolyte values.


Is a team where professionals with different skills, education, and backgrounds combine their creative powers, efforts, and knowledge effectively to achieve goals.

When we say dialysis team:

• Nephrologist
• Cardiovascular Expert
• Hemodialysis responsible physician
• Hemodialysis nurse / dialysis technician
• Auxiliary personnel are included.


Extracorporeal (external to the body) blood circuit: It includes the monitor and pumps that allow blood to be taken from the patient via AV fistula, passed through the dialyzer, and returned to the venous side of the AV fistula.

Dialysis fluid circuit: It includes the preparation and control monitors for the auxiliary fluid needed for the physical principles such as diffusion, osmosis, and convection that we plan to perform hemodialysis.


• Dialyzer
• Arteriovenous set
• Arteriovenous fistula needles
• Dialysate