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The dialysis machine is the name given to the artificial kidney machine in which patients with renal failure have to be connected at certain times. One tube of this machine is composed of two tubes and connected to the artery in the patient’s wrist and the other is connected to the vein. There are two pumps in the tube that provide a regular flow of blood.

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The tubes coming out of the veins circulate another tube covered with a semi-permeable membrane. This large tube stands inside a bowl with a salty solution called dialysis. The patient’s contaminated blood is taken with the first tube and passed through the dialysis solution to remove these harmful substances. Then the cleaned blood is re-vascularized with the other tube and the dialysis procedure is completed. The patient is treated in the dialysis machine 4 days a week for 3 hours. However, the dialysis machine does not provide permanent treatment.

Dialysis allows you to remove wastes and fluids that your kidneys cannot remove. Dialysis also protects your body balance by adjusting the level of various toxic substances in your blood. Without dialysis, all patients with renal failure lose their lives due to toxins accumulated in the bloodstream.

In dialysis, the dialysis fluid is separated by blood using a semi-permeable membrane. This membrane allows some substances to pass through and prevents some substances from passing through. A process called diffusion allows the removal of waste materials, water, electrolytes, and other substances from the blood and into the dialysis fluid (and sometimes the opposite). The movement of waste materials and other substances depends on the permeability of the membrane, the size, and structure of various substances, the structure of the dialysis liquid and the amount of blood supplied to the membrane.

The Dialysis Machine is an artificial kidney machine in which individuals with kidney failure disease are bound to connect at certain times.

When kidneys cannot work healthy, kidneys accumulate harmful substances in the body, such as urea. Dialysis machines are responsible for ensuring that urea or other harmful substances accumulated in the body are discharged by a system called water. It is used in the treatment of advanced renal failure patients. The dialysis machine takes part in the function of the kidneys, which has lost a large amount of function and ensures the survival of the patients. Only in the period up to 40 years, when the dialysis machine was not available, patients with renal insufficiency could only last a few days or a few weeks.

Some improvements have been made with the development of the dialysis machine. It prolonged the life span of patients. However, the quality of life of the patients living with the dialysis machine has increased. Nowadays, living patients with renal failure are lucky in a way.

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