GLT Dialyzer

GLTHF Dialyzer

High Flux and Low Flux Polyethersulfone - Polysulphone Dialyzers

Every detail of the GLT dialyzer is designed to inspire reliance, from its internal membrane forming to its outside housing. GLT membrane and housing are not produced

With BPA or DEHP, minimizing patient distress of endocrine disruption and involved health issues. Homogeneous polypropylene(PP) fiber allows the flow of dialysate,
which boosts transmembrane solute passage.

Dialyzer GLT series are available with different surface sizes: 1m2 - 2.3m2 passing high flux membrane Polyethersulfone (PES) and Polysulphone (PSF) types membrans.

The GLT Dialyzer cares for all, and meeting the specific requirements of the whole hemodialysis case is important. With GLT Dialyzer, we are able to bid quality dialysis sessions for both
standard and undefended cases serving them to vital longer, vital better.

Product Description

  • Brilliant Biocompatibility,
  • Improved design, enhanced diffusion effect
  • Continuous toxins clearance capacity
  • Good clearance rate of middle&large molecules
  • Lower albumin loss
  • Higher β2-microglobulin clearance rate
  • Sigle-use, High flux dialyzer
  • Gamma sterilization,
  • Membrane material Polyethersulfone (PES),
  • Membrane material Polysulphone (PSF),
  • Housing material Polypropylene (PP),
  • Maximum TMP (kPa/mmHg) 66.5/500,

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Extended Shelf Life: Shelf life of 36 months

Container Details

Products model pcs/carton 20GP/pcs 40GP/pcs
1.9 and below 24 13824 32952
2.0 and above 20 11520 27460
L(cm) W(cm) H(cm) G.W(kg) N.W(kg)
Empty Carton 47 36 26 / 1
Full Carton 47 36 26 5,7 4,7
Empty Pallet 120 100 25 15 15

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