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GLT Bloodline Tubing AV Set for Hemodialysis- Made in Europe

The AV bloodlines offered by GLT meet the requirements of the ISO 13485 and MDD 93/42/EEC
and have the CE mark.

The products are individually tested (100% test) for leak and integrity to ensure safe dialysis treatment.

Depending on the type of dialysis machine, we produce wide range of different configurations of sets.

The bloodline sets can be completed with an infusion system, A/V Fistula needles and a collection bag

for dialysis solution.


  • Advanced leak testing technology for zero contamination
  • Luer-lock connectors according to international standard
  • Fluid pathway is smooth inside, no clotting or air bubbles
  • Compatibility with hemodialysis machines that use heparin clamps
  • Manufactured with medical-grade raw materials and includes a geometric venous chamber
  • Coloured clamps for clear identification
  • Transducer protector
  • Tubes are flexible, kink-resistant

Type of sterilization



Fresenius (2008, 4008)

Gamma irrandiation/ETO

Universal A/V

Gamma irrandiation/ETO

Gambro AK 10 A/V

Gamma irrandiation/ETO

Gambro AK 90 A/V

Gamma irrandiation/ETO

Nipro A/V

Gamma irrandiation/ETO

Braun dialog A/V

Gamma irrandiation/ETO

HemoDiafiltration line

Gamma irrandiation/ETO

Substitution line

Gamma irrandiation/ETO

GLT AV Bloodline : Brochure

GLT AV Bloodline is compatible with Fresenius,Gambro, Nipro, Bbraun, Nikisso, dialysis machines.

6.3X12mm Fresenius, Gambro,Baxter, Nipro, Nikisso Hemodialysis Machine

8X12mm Bbraun Hemodialysis Machine

Extended Shelf Life: 36 months,

Country of Origin: Europe

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