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Our company Galata Global Resources is mainly operating in the medical items market and focused on hemodialysis equipment and services since 2008. The head office is located in Turkey and our company is ready to serve your needs with high-quality products and global distribution channels.

As one of the leading and most experienced Dialysis Machinery & Consumables distributor and water treatment system manufacturer in the region, we are also one of the largest solution providers in wide range on Health Sector; including turnkey dialysis center projects, hospital management projects, consultancy services, revenue maximization solutions and staff recruitment consultancy for medical service providers.

Besides our regional markets we have a strong presence in African continent. We have successfully completed turnkey dialysis center projects, managing and administrating hospitals with our on-site management teams from Turkey and Europe, providing purchasing and procurement assistance to many institutions both on medical devices and consumables and many other tailored solutions for our partners.

Hospital Management & Administration Services

Turnkey Dialysis Center Joint Investment Projects

Management and Business Development Assistance to Investors

Start Up and Construction projects for 50+bed Hospitals, Clinics and Dialysis Centers.

Consultancy Services for Hospital Administration

Consumables & dialyser distribution and supply chain assistance

With this background we are open for partnership projects in Africa where we can plan and develop projects together with flexible solutions.

Below same our professionals
  • Dialysis machine
  • Dialysis maintenance
  • Dialysis Machine Sevice Support Online
  • Dialysis machine spare parts
  • Dialysis concentrates and Powder solutions
  • Dialysis center supplies
  • Medical products for dialysis
  • Hemodialysis Concentrates
  • Dry Haemodialysis Concentrate
  • Disinfectant for Hemodialysis
  • Sterilab OSMOS Reverse Double Pass
  • Mixer Bicarb

The Benefits of Galata Global Resource medical Supplier Company

  • Reduced cost amounts
  • Replicates productivity
  • Competitive prices
  • Better supply
  • Use of various product sources of the same quality
  • Continuous improvement

As prices of Dialysis products continue it is committed to Galata Global Resources Company to keep items at competitive prices that appeal to our customer’s sense of value and convenience. We offer a full range of Dialysis machines, Dialysis Spare Parts, Dialysis Concentrates, Dialysis Disinfectants, Medicals: Hemodialysis Dialysers and Filters, Dialyser, Fistula Needles, Dialysis Catheter.

Hemodialysis Bicarbonate
Hollow fiber dialyzer HF,LF series
Hemodialysis care kits
Hemodialysis Catheter
Central Venous Catheter
Haemodialysis machine

Galata Global Medical Hemodialysis Supplier Company is a medical company based in Turkey specializing in marketing and distributing hemodialysis equipment and by-products since 2008.

Galata Global Medical Company aids in providing express delivery to countries all over the world via worldwide distribution channels such as DHL, UPS, and TNT, to meet customers’ urgent needs.

They offer a wide range of services from free consultations regarding dialysis centers, to the training of hemodialysis technical staff. Galata Global also provides consultation about projects, frequently faced problems, water system treatment consultation, and financial consultation. The water system is a very important component of efficient hemodialysis treatment and is managed by a board of very able staff.

This ensures that the customers know how to prevent and easily overcome any possible problems related to hemodialysis in the most optimal way that would lead to a long-term and trouble-free operation without needing to spend unnecessary money and time. Galata Global is not only involved in marketing hemodialysis equipment and by-products but also in problem-solving in the most efficient manner. w.

The marketed equipment is tested on-site or in the test lab to ensure it meets the acceptable requirements. Technical services are always available to customers.

Galata Global provides customers with the A – Z requirements of hemodialysis treatment from opening a dialysis treatment center to running it for years to come with the best quality equipment and know-how.

The main services and supplies are:

Dialysis Centre Supplies

Dialysis machine and maintenance repair

Dialysis spare parts supply

Dialysis concentrates and powder solutions supply Medical products for dialysis facilities

Dialysis catheter, Water treatment powders,

Dialyzers (Fresenius, Nipro, Asahi, Gambro, B-Braun, Dora) Bicarbonate cartridge for dialysis Filters AV fistula needles Dialysis disinfectants

Products such as:

Hemodialysis catheter, connection & disconnection kits, Dialyzers, Bloodline, Transfer set, Hemodialysis bloodline tubing set,

Dialysis Line/Hemodialysis Blood Tubing Set Hemodialysis catheter Disposable Central Venous Catheter Kit CVC Dialysis Dialysis BiBag 2000ml Hemodialysis system computer interface accessories Dialysis Drip infusion set Vascular access device (single, double, triple, lumen) Catheter plasters and surgical drapes Absorbent dressing and wound care disposables

All of which come with the respective CE and ISO certification

Emergency time customers located in his country can order express services by DHL, UPS, TNT delivering. We are exporting mainly to Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Afghanistan, Argentina, Togo, Bulgaria, Greece, Congo, Papua Guinea, Burundi, Thailand, SouthAfrica, Angola, Sudan, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Niger, Nigeria Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria DRC, Chad, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Botswana, Uganda, Somalia, Yemen, Oman, Cameroon, Mauritania, Burkina, Comoros, Somaliland, Eritrea, Somalia, The country in East Africa Djibouti countries.

We take the TURNKEY project for dialysis center Setup and moreover, these hemodialysis Machines are being supplied to our clients assuring their flawlessness and accuracy.

A Better Quality Of Life Commitment

Our goal is to improve the quality of life of kidney patients. In addition to our core products and services, we pursue this goal by cooperating with global associations and organizations that advocate the interests of dialysis patients. In order to help patients lead healthier and more active life, we develop our own initiatives.

Dialysis Machine, Dialysis Concentrates, Bicarbonate Cartridge for Dialysis, Dialysis Spare Parts, Dialysers and Filters, A V Fistula Needle, Dialysis Disinfectants, Dialysis Catheter, Water Treatment Powders, Dialyzer, for a wholesale and regular supplier.

High-Quality Supplier, Guaranteed.

Our group company : www.galatalab.com

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As one of the leading and most experienced Dialysis Machinery & Consumables distributor and water treatment system manufacturer in the region, we are also one of the largest solution providers in wide range on Health Sector.

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