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Dialysis Bloodline AV SET

The products are made with Medical grade Plastic Material, the injection sites are Latex Free, the patient connectors are self-ejecting and all the bloodlines are sterilized by Radiation and easy access to dialysis machine components.

Fresenius, Baxter, Novaline, B. Braun, Nipro, DORA, North America, Europe, Malaysian, Japan

Brand Types

  • Fresenius Dialysis machines,
  • Gambro Dialysis machines,
  • Braun Dialysis Machines,
  • Nipro Dialysis Machines,

The bloodline product range provides a safe and reliable choice of models for the following equipment:

  • Fresenius 5008-5008S HD HDF Bloodlines
  • Fresenius 2008-4008 Bloodline
  • DORA Bloodline
  • Nipro Bloodline
  • Novaline Av set Bloodline
  • Gambro AK100-AK200 Bloodline

To be used on different therapies :

  • Double-needle therapy
  • Single-needle therapy
  • Single-Needle Cross-Over
  • HDF

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Hemodialysis Tubing set

Av set Bloodline AV Fistula Needle Dialysis Catheter Cathater Fixation Tape Surgical Cotton Plaster

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