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Bicarbonate cartridges for haemodialysis

Bicarbonate cartridges, Blood tubing systems, Dialyzers

DiaCart and DiaBox bicarbonate cartridges for all common dialysis machines with suitable cartridge holder. Our bicarbonate cartridges are a key component meeting the highest standards in the preparation of dialysis fluid. Our extensive range of cartridges provides the following technical conditions:

  • Ergonomic design of cartridge containers
  • Use of high-quality starting materials in injection moulding production
  • Optimized packaging design for storing and transporting
  • Environmentally friendly disposal because a uniform type of material

DiaCart and DiaBox – the modern method of producing a dialysis concentrate for hygienic bicarbonate dialysis.

Serumwerk Bernburg AG

Serumwerk Bernburg was founded in 1954 and was privatised into a joint stock company in 1992. During this time, the business group developed into a globally recognized producer and supplier of medicinal products and medical devices for human and veterinary use.

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As one of the leading and most experienced Dialysis Machinery & Consumables distributor and water treatment system manufacturer in the region, we are also one of the largest solution providers in wide range on Health Sector.

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