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Dialysis Technical Service

Are you having problems with your dialysis machines and their technical service?

If that is the case Galata Medical is ready to assist you with EU standart service quality and experienced technical staff. We can make on-site assistance agreements with your facility

Regular Servicing

Equipment based support services on all models of your Fresenius dialysis machines,

Clinically, hemodialysis treatment of acute and chronic renal failure (end-stage) is mainly based on Dialysis Machines.

Due to wet, high temperature and acid-alkaline conditions in the working environment, many components of the Dialysis Machine are subject to aging errors. This is of paramount importance for understanding common faults and providing timely and effective Trusted Partner In Global Hemodialysis care, maintaining the machine and treating patients properly and regularly.

During the urea period, the end of renal failure, the kidneys cannot produce urine, metabolic wastes in the body’s metabolic processes and excess water and electrolytes can be excreted in the urine and the function of the kidneys is largely or completely lost.

Excessive metabolic waste and excessive water retention in the body cause serious damage to the body’s internal metabolic processes, threatening the life and health of the body. Currently, the main treatment for end-stage renal failure is to perform hemodialysis through a Dialysis Machine, remove various harmful metabolic wastes and excess water and electrolyte from the body and provide a stable and balanced internal environment.

With the rapid development of science and technology, the level of medical equipment has also improved rapidly. As the main extracorporeal circulatory device for the treatment of acute and chronic renal failure in the final stage, Dialysis Machines have become more and more developed in design and function. The more the course is completed, the better the clinical effect, the better the quality of life for the patient and the longer the life cycle.

Nowadays, the design and development of Dialysis Machines are becoming increasingly mature, but for a variety of objective reasons, including working environment, chemical disinfection, cold cleaning, strong acid, strong alkali, cleaning, and disinfection methods. Thermal disinfection, according to the characteristics of the disease, takes a long time to continue operation and other causes, resulting in equipment parts and malfunction loss. Therefore, it is necessary to be familiar with the common malfunctions of Dialysis Machines and timely maintenance and maintenance to ensure the normal operation of the machine effectively and to ensure that the patient receives a continuous and stable treatment.

Technical Phone Support Contact us as below 0090 312 247-50-25

The experience that we have with GALATA Medical has been and still is very satisfactory due to various reasons. The first is the cost reduction gained through the service contracts compared to our previous service provider. Also, the service is fast and effective with excellent treatment from the technical team as well as the commercial division offering personalized technical service and flowing communication.

Service Contracts GALATA Medical offers a variety of service options to our customers the flexibility they need. Our remote service solution provides a direct link to the system, making it possible for our engineers to remotely diagnose error codes and provide faster resolution to any equipment issues.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Allengers offers full-service agreements to its clients that can act as an apt solution. Security along with suppleness is its main feature, with certain benefits that are enclosed below.

  • Preventive maintenance services at the fixed expense, including
  • Checking and recalibration of a machine in a year
  • Attending all breakdown at no extra cost
  • Uninterrupted functioning of the equipment i.e. more profits to the Hospital
  • Minimum wastage/retakes, which saves rejection cost
  • Minimum Repair Time

Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (CMC)

Various advantages that can be enjoyed with our Comprehensive Maintenance Contract include:

  • Increase in the life span of equipment and Dialysis resulting in saving on replacement cost.
  • Avoiding expensive repairs, which might result in case no regular services had been provided.
  • Prioritizing provision of service to customers by the company
  • Discounted prices for spares will be applicable for those customers who are covered under AMC.

Your uptime will be at a maximum with a service contract from GALATAMedical, as our spare part delivery time and engineer response time ensures a 98% uptime of your system. We can also customize the work hours of our engineers to fit your specific needs, providing great flexibility at a low cost. Contact us for additional information about our services.

Equipment based support

For inquiries, please fill in the form below as completely as possible. You will receive a copy of the form by your email address provided in the form. We will attempt to respond within one business day for any inquiry. If you leave a callback phone number we will call you if we have questions. Our business day is Monday through Friday, from 9 AM to 18 PM Eastern Time, Turkey.

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