Dialysis Technical Service

GALATA Global Resources Company is a Professional technical service High-Quality lower the cost Renal machine technica...

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Dialysis Machine

The dialysis machine has an uncomplicated system. Making the kidneys to clear the blood of the disease. The dialysis ma...

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Dialysis Spare Parts

High-Quality Parts Whole Dialysis Systems Service Parts All new or refurbished equipment parts for Fresenius an...

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Dialysis Products

Dialysis Products? Which of Hemodialysis Membranes? Medical products Professional quality, reliable and affordab...

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Dialysis Disposables

The head office is located in Turkey and our company is ready to serve your needs with high-quality products and global distribution channels.

GLT high-quality hemodialysis disposable products, We offer a wide range of GLT products, including (Dialyzer) Dialysis filters, AV bloodlines, AV fistula needles and other disposable equipment that is necessary for the safe and effective treatment of dialysis patients with kidney failure.
GLT Dialyzer, GLT AV Bloodline, GLT AV Fistula Needle

GLT high-quality Bicart and Bibag Bicarbonates



Experience GLT Disinfectants Hemodialysis Machine advantage firsthand and discover how our dedication to safety and hemodialysis machine standards can transform your dialysis center.

Global Hemodialysis Brands We are a Hemodialysis Supplier of hemodialysis leader brand companies The Vital, Wego, Dora, et al. brands of hemodialysis equipment are sold at wholesale price. Galata Global works with the best medical manufacturers for all your dialysis...
"Wholesale Haemodialysis Catheters: Your Trusted Partner for Renal Care"

Hemodialysis Machines

International Brand machines

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As one of the leading and most experienced Dialysis Machinery & Consumables distributor and water treatment system manufacturer in the region, we are also one of the largest solution providers in wide range on Health Sector.

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