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I.V. Catheter Fixation Tape Non-Woven With Pad

Flexible Nonwoven Carrier: Elastic structure of the carrier allows easy application in joint areas of the body Hypoallergenic: Hypoallergenic adhesive does not irritate the skin.

Porous: Prevents sweating bypassing the nib in the skin and the outside air.

Special pads: The special pad absorbs the leaking blood and pretends the wound with a soft barrier against external factors easy application: Provides fast and clean dressing.

X-ray Transmission: It allows x-rays to be taken without removal.

Sterile: It was sterilized by gamma irradiation method. Maintain sterility if it is not removed from the package and the package is not damaged.

Av set Bloodline AV Fistula Needle Dialysis Catheter Cathater Fixation Tape Surgical Cotton Plaster

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