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We are a Hemodialysis Supplier of the DORA

The Dora brand of hemodialysis equipment is sold at wholesale price. Galata Global, works with the best medical manufacturers for all your dialysis needs.


  • Hollow Fiber Dialyzer
  • Tubing Sets for Hemodialysis
  • A.V. Fistula Needle Sets
  • Hemodialysis Care Kits
  • Hemodialysis Bicarbonate
  • Central Access
  • Hemodialysis Machine

Our company, Galata Medical, sells Bain medical and Vital brands to many countries, especially the Balkan countries and African countries as representatives and distributes as Turkey as its center.

We work directly with wholesale price distributors with government tenders for private centers, in Ukraine, Moldova, African and Balkan countries like Serbia, Albania, and Bosnia.

Bain medical and Vital companies are confirmed to be one of the biggest medical manufacturers in the world, with production and depots in over 70 countries and areas. With its specific Innovation and quality policy, each year its value is higher.

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As one of the leading and most experienced Dialysis Machinery & Consumables distributor and water treatment system manufacturer in the region, we are also one of the largest solution providers in wide range on Health Sector.

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